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Category: Philosophy - General Philosophy
Thursday July 9th, 2009
I always told myself and others..grew up with this mantra when I saw so many people trying desperately to fit into molds and follow the currents; I said over and over "just be yourself". It has always seemed like the right thing to do..so many fakers out there, so many people hiding behind masks. So many people set in their ways..

..and yet today..

..I find myself...



"For once...don't be yourself"

Ironic..isn't it?

u_u In the end..the one thing you want most and need most..is change. Not just from others, but yourself. Tricky part comes, when you don't know how to do that and when the chance has past..there is no time travel, there is no going back.

I don't think you will ever meet a person with more regrets on her shoulders.

Atlas himself..couldn't carry the weight of it.